Tantra Retreat 27-29 October


And Inhabit your Vital power

Are you ready to fall in trust with Life and reclaim your vital power?

Tantra invites us to surrender deeply to the vital flow of life. To connect to your true nature, which is always in oneness, where we come from. According to Tantra, all we have to do is open up in trust and follow our vital power. Then, we feel connected and present in all the dynamics that Life brings.

Deep down in your being, you may feel this yearning to remember your powerful, free, and ecstatic nature. To feel one and at home again! But conditionings in Life made us close off our vital energy. Our trust, that we are whole and good as we are, vanished. Reactions like ‘don’t laugh so loud’, a schooling system, unpredictable hardships in Life, and beliefs from earlier generations, left an imprint of thoughts, beliefs, and behavior of who we are, and should be. This resulted in trying to control our vital energy, especially driven by ideas around how we should or should not feel (e.g. sadness vs happiness).

Tantra Weekend for Couples and Singles 27-29 October

Tantric practices . Cacao ceremony . Breathwork . Bodywork .
Conscious Touch . Authentic connection . Meditation
Sharings . Dance . Yoga

Surrender to your inner guidance
Let go of control
Embody pure expression
Remember your nature

Where do you hold back your vital energy?

What challenges and pains does this brings with it?

Now let’s face this turning point:

There is a way to fully trust in your vital power.
There is your unique way of showing up in Life!

The Tantric path is to acknowledge all that you find within yourself – happiness, pain, sensuality, sadness… If we do, we reconnect to the vital power that is stored within old suppressed patterns. You’re invited to move, breathe, meditate, face the shadows, express, and spread your vital energy in your whole system. This breaks open your internal walls, and you will see through it, into who you really are.

In the Integrated Tantra retreat ‘Trust – Inhabit your Vital Power’ (27-29 Oct), you are invited to surrender to your inner flow of vital energy, and practice trust in yourself, others, and Life! 

We combine Tantric practices with Breathwork, Cacao ceremony, live music, Yoga, and Dance… let yourself be surprised.

Come join us at De Dieken in Holten, Overijssel, in this beautiful nature, with great food, connection, and deep personal work!

Practical information

Dates: 27 October 17:00 Until 29 October 17:00

Location: De Dieken, Holten, Overijssel

Early bird ticket is €377,- until 31 August.
A regular ticket is €444,-
This price includes trainingcosts, accomodation, & food

Cancellation policy: Cancellation is possible until 4 weeks prior to the retreat for a 50% refund, after that no refund is possible. You can transfer your ticket to another person

Questions? Contact us via mail@integratedtantra.com

Experiences from previous retreats

“The retreat was absolutely packed with captivating and impactful exercises. I went in very open, expecting many new things. And it really was a caleidoscope of impressions, breathing, feeling, emotions, and sharing and real connection. For me it was life-changing; I want to do more with this way of life.”

– anonymous Intimacy retreat participant

“There was a safe healing space connected to source. In my opinion that’s what is most important. The trust that everything is as it should be.”

– anonymous Intimacy retreat participant

“I feel so powerful after this weekend. My relationship is in an uprise, I choose more sober days suddenly, I let my anger flow, share it, and create connection. My door is open, even when my heart is closed. Thank you so much. Thank me also. I went ‘naked’ and I felt safe to do it.”

– Thijs, 28, scaffolder and outdoor/life coach

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