Tantra Retreat 10-12 May NL


Expand the power of your desire

When do you feel truly alive?
What makes your heart burst in ecstasy?
And what if you could allow all your longings?

One main Tantric principle is: Desire is the fuel to life. Our vital power naturally rises when we truly get in contact with our desires and learn to feel them all, independent of the outcome.

According to Tantra, without desires we would not even engage in this world. It is our desire for love and closeness that draws us into beautiful relationships, the desire for growth that brings the joy of learning something new, or the desire for inner freedom that leads us to the spiritual path.

Many spiritual traditions have tried to have us overcome desires because they are difficult to deal with.

But Tantra loves desires. They are the vital, juicy empowering life-force that supports the spiritual journey. With Tantra, you can still go for what you desire – and it can be highly fulfilling to get what you want! But realistically that is not always possible, so the Tantrica goes further than that. As practitioners we are invited to own and feel our pure desires, whether we get what we want or not. This unlocks the naturally fulfilling energy that resides in them.

Tantra Weekend for Couples and Singles 10-12 May

Breathwork . Cacao . Live music . Celebration . Tantric ritual . Vagus nerve practices . Connection . Integration . Psychology

Reveal your naked truth 
Unblock the natural power of your aliveness 
Let yourself blossom up

Desire + Awareness = Ecstasy

Can you own what you truly want? 

Owning your desire can be very scary, our heart basically lays open – and our open heart was not always welcome. This is why, in the ALIVE Tantra retreat, we’ll take time to ease into all the layers of desire and let the core unveil when it is ready. By owning our desire, we can feel more vulnerable, powerful, and alive at the same time!

We welcome you to dive deep, celebrate all human shapes, and reclaim your wholeness. 

With love,

Helena & Ruben

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Tantra retreat

Practical information

– Dates: 10 May 14:00 – 12 May 17:00 + Online integration gathering on 25 May 10:00-12:00

– Location: De Dieken, Holten, Overijssel

– Price: see pricing table – if none of that works for you, you can mail us to find a way

– Cancellation policy: Cancellation is possible until 4 weeks prior to the retreat for a 50% refund, after that no refund is possible. If you find a replacement, you can transfer your ticket to another person

– Questions? Contact us via mail@integratedtantra.com


ALIVE retreat

  • ALIVE Retreat
  • Integration gathering 25 May
  • Optional intake call
  • In-term payment possible (+10€)

1on1 Coaching

Before and after the retreat
  • Preparation Coaching
  • Integration Coaching
  • With Helena or Ruben
  • Optional intake call
  • In-term payment possible (+10€)

3 'Infinity' Retreats

  • Dark 2-4 Feb
  • Alive 10-12 May
  • Infinite 13-17 Nov
  • Integration gatherings (tba)
  • Two 1on1 Coaching sessions
  • In-term payment possible (+20€)


"I must also have a dark side if I am to be whole." - Carl Jung


No, this is not a darkness retreat where you wear a blindfold the whole retreat. Yet, there will be a structure with the least possible light, to invite in the contact with our shadows.

The Dark retreat is not aimed at specifically creating sexual playgrounds, or a temple night. Yet sexuality, and sexual shadows are part of the wholeness of human experience. Therefore you can take them into exploration, but there is no practice that invites active sexual contact with others.

We honor your truth and timing in participating in this retreat. This means you never have to do anything that is too much for you at any moment. The retreat can let our shadows surface in unexpected forms. These can be feelings of anxiety, hatred or sadness, but can also be the aliveness, playfulness and ecstasy that have been stored inside…  

If you have (had) experience with psychosis, or depression, or you are just curious we can have a free intake call to see if this retreat fits you right now. And some anxiety is super common, otherwise it would already be in our comfort zone 😉 

We never tel you that you have to be naked. There might be situations where you have the chance to take off clothes. This is always a choice.

You can pay the retreat in terms. Please contact us if you like that. 

Sometimes it is possible to find a way for you to still participate, even if you don’t have all the money. One way is to pay in terms, but we can also see if there is another exchange possible (of equal worth in terms of effort or time). Please write to us in this case.

For everyone, there will be a free integration gathering (online) to check-in and take care of our processes. Besides that, you can get two 1on1 sessions, one before and one after the retreat, for 140€ added on the retreat investment (which is less than usual sessions). This has the value to deepen your process, and be supported by Helena or Ruben to embody the learnings, dive a little deeper, get clarity on your path, and to cleanse your energy.

The Infinity series is a trilogy of retreats that takes you from experiencing the constrictions and limitations of life to reconnecting to the infinite awareness that we are part of. 

  • DARK – Unleash the gifts of your shadow | Fri 2 Feb 14:00h – Sun 4 Feb 17:00h | Integration gathering 25 Feb 10:00-12:00
  • ALIVE – Expand the power of your desire | Fri 10 May 14:00h – Sun 12 May 17:00h  | Integration gathering 25 May 10:00-12:00h
  • INFINITE – Surrender to the holding of Awareness | Thu 14 Nov 11:00h – Sun 17 Nov 17:00 | Integration gathering 30 Nov 10:00-12:00h

The integration gatherings support you on the journey to take Tantra into your life. You can follow the retreats separately or together. If you get the full Infinity series together, you receive two free 1on1 Coachingsessions of 1h and a €173 – €450 discount (depending on when you book). The pre-sale of the full Infinity series ends at 31 December. 

We know this is quite a commitment. If you feel a spark, but also tension, you can message us, or we can arrange an exploration call.

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