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Tantric Summer Solstice

Free community event! Celebrate the Summer Solstice with us in a conscious and enriching way through Tantra. This special day marks the peak of summer's energy, offering a unique opportunity for personal expansion, nourishment, and connection. Join us for a Tantric ritual that honours the light, as well as the dark, and brings us closer to ourselves and each other. Come as you are - no prior experience needed Celebrate the peak of the year! Bring a dear one, blanket, food & instruments... 18h: Potluck & Chill 20:30h: Solstice Ritual 22:05h: Sun goes down and will turn Please sign up…


Breathwork for Women

Edanz Van Oldenbarneveltlaan 6, Groningen, Groningen, Netherlands

Connection . Healing . Empowerment I, Helena (Psychologist, Breathwork & Tantra Facilitator) welcome you in this conscious space to explore the healing power of your breath, so you can dive deeper into the intuitive wisdom of your body, especially your womb! Through meditation, light bodywork, and conscious connected breathing, we will make deep contact with ourselves, let go of mental, energetical, and emotional tension, and remember our intuitive Power of the Womb. The effects of this Breathwork can be highly transformative, therapeutic, as well as empowering to be exactly who you are, with all light and shadow aspects. This session…

€25 – €45