Conscious connected breathing - Healing Breathwork Ademwerk Groningen

Breathwork in Groningen

With live Music

Breathe to feel . Feel to heal!

We, Ruben Mul and Helena Igel (MSc Psychologists, Breathwork & Tantra facilitators) welcome you in this conscious space of healing Breathwork.

Breathing is the most basic thing we do, yet often so unconscious – let’s breathe to deeply connect to ourselves!

Breathwork Groningen Shamanic

Through conscious connected breathing (healing Breathwork), let go of mental and emotional tension, make space for natural ecstasy, and boost the connection with ourselves and those around.

The effects of this Breathwork can be highly transformative and therapeutic, as well as empowering to be exactly who you are, with all light and shadow aspects.

During the Breathwork you will be guided into the experience with live music by Ruben.

Read a more detailed desciption below!

Healing Breathwork:
Stress reduction . Increased relaxation . Emotional release . Enhanced self-awareness . Improved mental clarity . Spiritual connection…


Detailed information about Breathwork

Conscious connected breathwork is a practice that involves continuous, deep, and connected breathing. It is a tool for self-discovery, healing, liberation, and transformation, aiming to release tension, stress, and emotions stored in the body. As well as making space for your essential qualities to shine through more clearly…

For around 45min, you will send the breath low into the belly, and relax your diaphragm (soft space between your ribs). There will be no pauses between the in-and the exhale, you circulate the breathing. This heightens the energy in your body. Physically, you can feel some tingling sensations, lightheadedness, cold… that’s all part of it. The thinking mind will calm down, and more unconscious layers in yourself will get space. This can result in memories popping up, or emotions wanting to be expressed: frustration, sadness, joy, gratitude, bliss…

Give that space – this is the healing effect! Nothing needs to be changed but being with what is. No more running, but breathing with it. Enjoy the journey that you are making this time! ♡

Caution: If you have any respiratory or cardiovascular conditions, psychotic tendencies, or are pregnant, contact Helena, Ruben, or another professional before starting breathwork.

In general, we advice to do breathwork with a certified spaceholder.

If you’d rather receive 1on1 sessions, contact us!

Healing Breathwork session build up

Welcome & Settling
Meditation to land
Short sharing to check in with each other
Explanation Breathwork
Light bodywork to prepare our physical container
Conscious connected breathwork journey with live music by Ruben and Helena – giving space to everything that comes up inside of you: resistances, releases, ecstatic states…
Relax & Release 
Integration & Journaling
Sharing, Tea & Chocolate to ground again!

Optional check in the day after.

We welcome you to dive deep, celebrate all human shapes, and reclaim your wholeness. 

With love,

Helena & Ruben

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